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Invaders of Disturbed Areas Inventory

In partnership with Hudsonia, Ltd. CRISP inventoried plant species present at sites of recent manmade disturbance.  The goal was to identify priority early detection non-native species for the region that may be coming in through the disturbance activities.  For a complete report on this project, view the final report below.

The species identified with the highest priority for early detection were:

1) Spiny plumeless thistle, Carduus acanthoides 

2) Short-fringed knapweed, Centaurea nigrescens

3) Marsh thistle, Cirsium palustre 

4) Cut-leaved teasel, Dispacus laciniatus

5) Globe-thistle, Echunops sphaerocephalus

6) Cherry Silverberry, Elaeagnus multiflora

7) Queen-of-the-meadow, Filipendula ulmaria

8) Amur honeysuckle, Lonicera maackii

9) Eulalia grass, Miscanthus sinensis

10) White poplar, Populus alba

11) Bradford pear, Pyrus calleryana

12) Chinese elm, Ulmas parvifoia

13) Chinese Wisteria, Wisteria sinensis

Map of the sites that were inventoried





Final Report