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Explore Wittenberg's Old Growth Hemlocks

Saturday, June 1, 1pm-4pm, at the Woodland Valley Campground

Wittenberg Mountain boasts one of the most breathtaking views of the Catskills. It also holds some of the oldest hemlock trees in our region! Join Catskill Center staff for an educational trek up this classic Catskills peak, as we dive into the biology and history of our region’s hemlocks, and discuss what’s being done to protect them.

Wittenberg Mountain is a moderately difficult hike of about 7 miles, with plenty of hemlocks along the way. Bring plenty of water, and dress for the weather.

Location: We’ll meet at the Day-Use parking lot at Woodland Valley Campground

Space is limited to 10 hikers and registration is required for this event. Please email John Thompson at to register.



Thorn Preserve BioBlitz

Friday, June 7 - Saturday, June 8, all day, at the Thorn Preserve, 55 John Joy Road, Woodstock, NY 12498

Join us for an exploration and celebration of biodiversity! This weekend is all about learning about and documenting as many species as possible on the Thorn Preserve. Expert-led walks focusing on a particular topic will be happening all day. Exact schedule TBD.



Tuesday June 11, 9 am - 3:30 pm, at the Mountain View Studio at 20 Mountainview Avenue in Woodstock, NY

Lesser celandine is an invasive early-emerging flowering plant that spreads aggressively along stream sides and similar wet areas. It’s dense coverage can impede the growth of other spring ephemerals. In this all-day workshop, we will discuss this plant’s invasive origins, biology, and best treatment methods. We will also introduce and practice with iMapInvasives, a statewide database and reporting tool for invasive plants, animals and insects.

In the afternoon we will travel to the Thorn Preserve at 55 John Joy Road in Woodstock to practice identifying lesser celandine in the field, and to discuss treatment strategies for this problematic pest.


Registration is required for this event. Please RSVP to if you would like to attend or have any questions.



Thursday June 13, 10:30 am  - 4:30 pm, at the Mountain View Studio at 20 Mountainview Avenue in Woodstock, NY

Hemlock trees are a precious resource in New York State, contributing to healthy stream ecosystems, water quality, and recreation. Hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA) is an invasive insect that is spreading throughout the Catskills region, threatening to wipe out this valuable tree species. In this all-day workshop, we discuss the background of the HWA infestation, the insect’s unique biology, and the benefits and disadvantages of available management and treatment methods. We will also offer training in phenological surveys and free reporting tools for hemlock woolly adelgid, which help better target control methods for the invasive insect.

The workshop will conclude with an optional trip to the Thorn Preserve at 55 John Joy Road in Woodstock, where we will finish the training with a practical demonstration and practice session of HWA survey methods.


Registration is required for this event. Please RSVP to if you would like to attend or have any questions.



Who's Doing What in Invasive Species Management in the Catskills, Part 2

Wednesday, July 10, 9am-12:30pm, at the Erpf Center, 43355 NY-28, Arkville, NY 12406

At the “Who’s Doing What in Invasive Species Management in the Catskills” Conference we will share information from organizations and individuals that are working on invasive species in the CRISP region doing any of the following:
• Prevention
• Education and outreach
• Trainings on Identification 
• Early detection 
• Invasive species surveys and mapping
• Reporting in iMapInvasives, EDDMaps, or other database
• Rapid response
• Control
• Trainings on Best Management Practices
• Restoration
• Citizen science
• Research
• Funding that could help support any of the above

This will be the first in the series of “Who’s Doing What in Invasive Species Management.” Through these meetings we’ll be collecting info from organizations working on Invasive Species management throughout the CRISP region and putting together a Regional Invasive Species Management Plan that identifies redundancies and gaps and any efficiencies we can achieve through better coordination.

If you or your organization would like to present or create a poster for display at future meetings, please contact the CRISP Coordinator, John Thompson, at



Schoharie Lily Festival

Saturday July 13, 8am-3pm, at the Schoharie Lily Park, 119 Fort Road, Schoharie, NY 12157

Enjoy the Lily Festuval and stop by the CRISP table to chat aobut invasive species.



New York Invasive Species Awareness Week

Sunday July 7 - Saturday July 13

A week of invasive species education, surveying, and management, with events all over New York. 2019's Invasive Species Awareness Week theme is "Early Detection: Explore, Observe, Report." Visit to find events near you. Interested in hosting or leading your own event? Check out for more information!